It’s exciting and exhilarating to plan a wedding, but it isn’t all fun and games. You should be at your calmest, most beautiful self on your special day, and this can only happen if everything goes according to plan. As a result, the all-important wedding planner is required, who will handle the most, if not all, of the work needed in bringing your ideal wedding to life. Here’s a breakdown of what Nora Wedding, can accomplish for you:


Wedding Planner in United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Planning for couples looking to celebrate their dream wedding in the stunning UAE


Nora Wedding specializes in aesthetic designing and eye for detail, resulting in an unforgettable wedding that is completely unique to you.


Nora Wedding is based in the UAE available to clients throughout and beyond.


Nora Wedding is a destination wedding planner based in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai with international and local elite clients. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind destination weddings. Whether you choose an intimate wedding, a barefoot seaside, or a botanical wedding with a view of the sea, we are ready to assist you in the making of your fantasy destination wedding a reality.

  •         Four Seasons Dubai
  •         Malaysia Jungle Kuala Lumpur
  •         Alpes- Umited Arab Emirates
  •         Ritz- Carlton Geneva
  •         Quai de la Paix
  •         Mongomerie Hotel

We approach each endeavor with a particular regard for each couple we work with, including their character, unique story, diverse interests, fascinating eccentricities, and all the colorful details that make them who they are. We pay equal attention to every detail, no matter how minor or insignificant, from the beauty of each flower petal to the sweetness of each cake tier. We are intimately familiar with each of our venues and have personally chosen each supplier and venue on our list. This is how we do weddings at Nora Weddings. Our full-service planning package includes: venue selection, theme conceptualization, budget planning, on the day coordination, full wedding detail, pre-wedding and wedding accommodation and final run through and on-site management. Know more about our extensive wedding planning services.


An experienced international destination wedding planner based in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai with 22 years’ experience in the lavish industry finds a boundless inspiration in creating the most magical wedding in the most magnificent destinations in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

       Her work is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail and personal touch. She forms close ties with all of her clients as she fulfills their wedding fantasies. Get in touch through our contacts- Phone and Email